The Baby Room

The baby room is situated on the first floor of the nursery and is a warm, calm and nurturing environment, every babies needs are catered for through a personalised key group system. All activities are based upon an individualised learning experience. The baby room offers many different unique experience’s which include:-

Treasure Baskets/ Heuristic Play:- These provide stimulating opportunities for the sensory exploration for babies. Each treasure basket has a theme which could be metal/ wooden objects, brushes, materials and many more. Each basket is filled with objects that enable your baby to use and develop their own sensed whilst discovering new textures and the way different objects work. Through this exploration your baby is learning about the world around them. Treasure baskets are a fantastic way of supporting your baby and their overall development, we rotate the baskets regularly for the babies.

Sensory Play: The babies get to explore lots of different sensory activities. Babies love messy play such as exploring spaghetti, custard, shaving foam, gloop, water/ sand and many more. Sensory exploration helps babies to develop in many ways; -Physical Development- using fine and large gross motor skills, Communication and Language Development, Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Black, White and Red Area: The Black and White area has been created to offer a visually stimulating environment.  Babies are able to distinguish these three colours very early in life due to the strong contrasts. There are various different resources available for the babies  in this area to explore. OFSTED praised our black and white area “Young children effectively explore their senses”. Research suggests that black on white is the most attracting colour for young babies to see.

Opportunities within the baby room: The babies have free flow access to the different areas within the baby room throughout their session, this will also include outdoor play in the nursery garden or a walk to local places such as park, beach, the boating lake, library and the sensory room.  The babies have a home corner for imaginative play, small world area and opportunities to join in with craft activities such as painting  and mark making.

Sleeping: Sleep is an important part of your babies routine when it comes to replenishing their energy. In the baby room we promote your babies sleeping routine. Both outdoor and indoor sleeping is incorporated into the daily routine.

Learning and Development: The baby room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage; Specifically focusing on the prime areas *Personal, Social and Emotional Development, *Communication and Language Development, *Physical Development. Every baby has an individual assessment in place and Learning Journal-memory book which parents/ carers are able to take home at any time to add photos and comments.