Pre school

The Pre school Classroom

What it means to be three….

Your Three year old is very curious about the world and will be trying to find every way possible to explore that curiosity. The phrase “let me do it” will be very familiar to you and they will be trying to help you. The Pre school classroom is a very calm room environment with a structure to their day to support children throughout their day with a balance of child and adult led activities.

How does the pre school classroom support my child?

Throughout the  routine,  opportunities such as self serve snack and child led activities will help to develop your child’s self confidence and self awareness. Managing feelings and making relationships are also an Important part of the ethos and will be supported by your child’s key person.

By providing a rich environment full of varied resources and a robust ethos, children are able to feel confident and become active learners ready to explore and investigate the world around them.

Upon  your child stating the pre school classroom they will be supported by their key person with skills such as

  • Toileting
  • Hand washing
  • Self serve snack and lunch
  • Putting on a coat, slippers and apron
  • Selecting activities of choice independently
  • Rules and boundaries

Staff are thoughtful, compassionate and caring. They treat all children with the utmost respect and encourage them to express their views and talk about their feelings. As a redult, children form very secure attachment’s with their key person” (OFSTED, 2015)

Letters and Sounds: Our Letters and Sounds activities are a great way for children to practice listening and attention ready for those longer periods in school.  Staff are also trained in Every Child a Talker which encourages staff to use language appropriately, give children time to respond to questions asked and really tune into what children are saying. The Letters and Sounds program is completed with the children each day, working on a different aspect  each week. Each aspect encourages children to develop letter sounds , develop good listening, good sitting and oral blending and segmenting. Ready Teddy Go also focus on a letter sound each week from the Jolly Phonics range, this also develops letter sound knowledge. Singing the jolly phonics songs and reading the stories is a fun way for the children to learn letter sounds and introduce reading and writing.

Mathematics: The Pre school class room has math opportunities throughout the environment, maths is incorporated into every day activities to support children with their mathematical skills. The children are engaged in a wide range of activities at different times throughout the day with adult and child led activities. Number rhymes and singing sacks are also implemented during group times.

Outdoor Classroom: Children need outdoor play as much as indoor and given the choice, most children will play outdoors. Children are able to access the outdoor classroom during free flow times

During that time children will

  • have access to space with opportunities to be their natural, exuberant physical and noisy selves,
  • have contact with natural and living things to maintain their curiosity and fascination with all living things
  • Lots of opportunities to set themselves challenges and take risks

The outdoor environment must offer children experiences which have lots of meaning to them and are led by the child.

The Pre School Classroom offers a seamless partnership between the outdoors and indoor environment working in perfect harmony with one another to extend and enhance children’s learning.

Learning and Development: The pre school class room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage; Specifically focusing on the prime areas *Personal, Social and Emotional Development, *Communication and Language Development, *Physical Development. Every pre school child has an individual assessment in place and memory book which parents/ carers are able to take home at any time to add photos and comments. The pre school class room will also send home weekly activities for your child to carry out at home with parents, there is also a book scheme that you can join.

Uniform: Ready Teddy Go have made uniform statutory in the pre school classroom. This will prepare children for wearing a uniform when they move onto school.

Polo shirts and sweatshirts are available to purchase from the office.

Please speak to Sue (Office Administrator) about items and sizes required.