The Toddler Room

The toddler room can be found at the front of the nursery building, the toddler room is organised into key areas that  are based around the Early Years Foundation Stage for your child to access freely during their session. Throughout your child’s session there will be child led and adult led activities. This supports your child to form relationships and develop great social skills.

Language through Listening:- The aim of language through listening in the toddler room is to support children’s listening and attention skills, it also helps to improve eye contact when someone is talking and turn taking skills. Within the toddler room the activities are rotated on a six weekly plan.

Mathematics: The toddler room has a maths area which supports children with their mathematical skills. The children are engaged in a wide range of activities: puzzles, shape sorting, counting opportunities. Number rhymes and singing sacks are also implemented during group times.

Sensory Play: The toddlers get to explore lots of different sensory activities. Toddlers love messy play such as exploring malleable resources such as play dough ,  shaving foam, gloop, water/ sand and many more. Sensory exploration helps toddlers to develop in many ways; -Physical Development- using fine and large gross motor skills, Communication and Language Development, Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Outdoor Opportunities: The toddlers have access to the outdoor environment which they have various areas to explore. We encourage the children to access the outdoor area in all weathers and dress accordingly in appropriate clothing.

Sleeping: Sleep is an important part of your toddlers routine when it comes to replenishing their energy. In the toddler room we promote your toddlers sleeping routine. Indoor sleeping is incorporated into the daily routine if it is your child’s wish to have a sleep during their day.

Learning and Development: The toddler room follow the Early Years Foundation Stage; Specifically focusing on the prime areas *Personal, Social and Emotional Development, *Communication and Language Development, *Physical Development. Every toddler has an individual assessment in place and memory book which parents/ carers are able to take home at any time to add photos and comments. The toddler room will also send home weekly activities for your child to carry out at home with parents.

30 month progress check: Within the Toddler room as your child approaches 30 months, it is important that all parents/ carers must be given a short summary of their child’s development between 24-36 months.  Your child’s key person will invite you a meeting at the nursery, the aims of the progress check  are so we can see where your child is developing and what milestones they are reaching. This enables both parents and practitioners to see where the child is successful and where they may need any extra support.

Two year funding: your child may be entitled to 2 year funding. Please call 0800 183 0317 for eligibility criteria.